Ipswich Junior Park Run

When my dad told me there was now a junior park run in Ipswich I was eager to find out more. The junior park run is 2km and takes place every Sunday morning at 9am meeting at the Westerfield road entrance to Christchurch Park in Ipswich. The organisers do always like to point out that this is a run NOT a race and is to encourage children to get out, exercise and enjoy running. The run is timed and you just need to register on the park run website to get your own unique barcode, which you print off and bring along so that your time can be recorded.

I did my first run with my dad (adults can run but don’t get a time and must not cross the first line or encourage their children to race other children) as I didn’t know anyone else running and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I completed the 2km course in a time of 11 minutes 22 seconds which for my first time I was very happy with.

Junior Park Run Ipswich

Rory and his team of core volunteers do a great job, turning out every Sunday no matter of the weather setting out the course. They do however rely on parents helping out to marshall the course as someone needs to be able to see the children at every point on the course to ensure they are safe. My mum and dad make sure they each volunteer at least once a month, it’s not really a problem as they are going to be there for me anyhow.

Junior Park Run Ipswich

Since my first run in October I have been running nearly every week and look forward to seeing if I can beat my PB (personal best time), I am currently aiming to be sub 9 minutes by the end of the year. I am also about to complete my 21st run this week and this will gain me my marathon wrist band to add to the half marathon one I already have. My next target will then be 50 runs and my ultra wrist band which I hope to gain by the end of the year. Other key facts about junior park run Ipswich

They have there own run page on the park run website which can be found here


They also have there own Facebook page which you can find st the link below


Photos are taken each week of the children running which you can share to your own page so family and friends can see what they are up to. (I alway make sure I give a big smile to the camera) The course generally follows the same route each week that is shown below (the start position can change slightly if the grass is too muddy)

Junior Park Run Ipswich Course Map

You can also buy Parkrun clothing from Wiggle at the link below http://www.wiggle.co.uk/parkrun/

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