Culford Junior Triathlon – Bury St Edmunds

The Culford Junior Triathlon is an annual event organized by the West Suffolk Wheelers triathlon club and held at Culford Shool. The Junior event is open to all competitors between the ages of 8 and 16, with each age group competing over different distances:

  • TriStar – Start – 8 years – 50m swim – 850m cycle  – 600m run
  • TriStar 1 – 9-10 years – 150m swim  – 1.7k cycle  – 1200m run
  • TriStar 2 – 11-12 years – 200m swim  – 3.4k cycle  – 1800m run
  • TriStar 3 (13-14 years) and Youth (15-16) – 300m swim  – 5.1k cycle  – 2400m run

All ages are as of 31st December.

Culford Triathlon Route Map

The whole event is held in the grounds of Culford school. The swim is in the indoor 25m pool and both the bike and run are held on the grass field.

Culford Triathlon Swim Detail

This was my first ever triathlon and when I lined up for the swim I must admit I was a little nervous. I got a good time in the swim 6th fastest in Tristar 1 and I caught the swimmer in front and got held up a little so probably lost 10 seconds.

Culford Triathlon Pre Swim

I had a good run to transition and soon had my helmet, socks (I hadn’t trained without socks so stuck with them) and trainers on. I got my bike down from the rack and then made my first mistake by jumping straight on my bike whilst still in transition. Luckily the marshal quickly pointed out my error and I got off and quickly ran to the exit and mount line (luckily I didn’t get a penalty!).

Culford Triathlon Transition Run

I found the bike quite hard as I hadn’t really done much cycle training and I was riding my mountain bike which was both a little small for me and also quite heavy. I did manage to overtake a few riders and had soon completed my two laps of the course and was back into transition.

Culford Triathlon Bike

T2 went smoothly and I was soon out on the run.  My legs were feeling a little heavy and I fell into the pace of others running ahead of me rather than pushing through at my own pace. I completed the two laps and was soon sprinting through the finish line and collecting my medal.

Culford Triathlon Run

I had completed my first triathlon and not only that I also managed to bag the trophy for 1st novice in my age group (first boy who hadn’t competed in a triathlon before). I really enjoyed my first triathlon and was already eager to take part in my next one.

Culford Triathlon Trophy

Swim 150m 4:13     T1 1:01     Bike 6:57     T2 0:22     Run 5:20     Total Time 17:53

1st Novice     13th Boy     16th Overall     41 Competitors Finished

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