Frog 67 Road Bike

After a slow bike at the Culford Triathlon my Dad decided a new bike was needed and starting searching the internet for the best options of kid’s road bikes. Key features we were looking for included suitable gear ratio, size and fit, options of “off road / cyclocross tyres, ensuring I could use the brakes and making sure it would last at least a couple of seasons.

There really aren’t many different brands that produce a competitive road bike for kids my age and size and after carefully comparing the different options we focussed on the Frog brand. Frog only manufactures bikes for kids and all bikes are manufactured in the UK.

Frog Bike 67

When trying out different bikes it was clear the brake and gear levers weren’t always suited to my small hands. Frog have used narrow short drop handle bars with microshift short reach brake levers as well as secondary cantilever brakes for road and CX use.

The front crank is only 127mm with a 34T chain ring. I find the crank could be a little longer as I could have the seat a little higher to get the best riding position, but can only just touch the ground with it right down. The bike is also quite light at 8.8kg and is made from aluminium, a lot of other brands were very heavy.

The wheels are quick release and the 9 speed rear hub provides a good range of gears without encouraging me to push heavy gears which are not suitable for someone still growing. The bike is supplied with road and CX tyres which is good for me as I train on road a lot but most triathlons are off road and the CX tyres give me a bit more grip on gravel and wet grass.

Cheeky Ben on Frog Bike

Frog have a choice of colours red, black, white or team Sky (which is £65 more). I chose white and we ordered the bike online direct from Frog as they had 15% off and the local stockist wouldn’t match the price. When checking out online we noticed we could have the bike delivered into the local stockist and collected from there paying on collection. So although the local stockist wouldn’t match the price they had to when we collected the bike we had ordered online, which seemed a little silly on their part.

I have been very happy with my Frog bike and the only change I have made is to the pedals which we have changed to metal pedals with flippers on and open toe clips which are a lot easier to use.

Frog Bike Replacement Pedals

MKS GR-9 Platform Pedals     Buy Here From Wiggle

MKS Half Deep Section Top Clip     Buy Here From Wiggle

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Rutland Cycles Frog Bikes


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