Ipswich Junior Triathlon – Framingham College

The Framlingham Junior Triathlon is organised annually by the Ipswich Triathlon Club and is held at Framlingham College, Suffolk. This was one of the first events I had tried to enter but due to popularity it was sold out so I have gone on the waiting list. A couple of weeks before the event I got an email saying there was a place available so I got it booked straight away.

The swim is in a 20m pool and bike and run courses are both within the college grounds although there a foot down road crossing on the bike which takes you across a small lane in to the football field. I had been doing more cycling since getting my new Frog road bike as well as a bit of transition practice prior to this event so I was confident I could make a good improvement on my performance at Culford Triathlon.

At this event the allow an adult in to transition to help you set up and supply a chair to lean your bike against and put your kit on rather than bike racks which are difficult to lift your bike off due to the height of them. I then walked the course with my dad so that I was clear on the run in from the pool and where the mounted and dismount lines were as well as discussing what gear I should be using on the bike at which point.

Framlingham Triathlon Transition

The swim was 120 metres so 6 lengths of the 20 metre pool and I had a good swim apart from messing up my second tumble turn by trying to grab a quick breath in before the turn but I completed it in 2 minutes 17 seconds which was quicker than practice so I was happy with that.

Framlingham Triathlon Swim

I then had to run out of the pool and down to transition which went really smooth but I did have a problem mounting the bike as it was on a downhill slope and I got in a mess with the pedals so I was a little slow getting away. Once away I had a good bike with the downhill section leading to the foot down road crossing and on to a flat circuit of the rugby field followed by a foot down back across the lane and up a gravel track which was a bit tricky as there was a 180 degree bend. Then I was back on short grass heading for the dismount line. I had a good dismount whilst still moving but as my legs hit the ground they felt like they were going to fold under me (I hadn’t learnt to spin them out on the way in yet) I push my bike up an incline and into T2 .

Framlingham Triathlon Bike

I started the run but my legs felt heavy down the dip and and up other side, as I got to the start of the loop they started to come back to me. I collected my first band and was soon starting the second loop, I collected my second band and finishing the loop I headed back down and up the dip starting my sprint as I came out of the dip giving it all I had left for the last 50 metre to the line.

Framlingham Triathlon Run

I enjoyed the race and could feel I had made an improvement but it had been a hard race with an undulating bike and run course. I finish 8th out of 17 finishes in Tristar 1 and I was really happy with my time of ……. I am now looking forward to coming back next year and pushing on to hopefully get a place.

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