What Is British Triathlon Skills School

I attended the British Triathlon Skills School held at Ipswich school for girls at Woolverstone near Ipswich on Sunday 2nd April 2017.

Who is the event aimed at?

The British Triathlon Skills School is aimed at children aged 11 – 16 (the age they will be on the 31st December). They are British Triathlons latest initiative to help develop young triathletes skills in a inspiring, creative and fun day. Activities during the day focus on the kids developing the skills and learning for themselves. Aiming to enabling them to race smart in the future.

Why did I sign up?

I signed up for the Skills School day to improve some of my triathlon skills and also to experience a different style of coaching from different coaches.

Key points of the day

The day was split down in to elements, each element taken by a different coach.

The Ice Breaker

(Mission Impossible) – Focussed on getting the kids talking to each other as this was the first time they some of them had met.

Warm Up Towers

Kids had to work as a team whilst completing some warm up exercises before the next task.

Run Draw Run Relay

Not just running session this include some games and movement making the kids aware of what is happening around them.

British Triathlon Skills School Wolverstone

Bike & Transition

Kids work on bike handling skills in a fun way to practice transition.

British Triathlon Skills School Wolverstone


Practice at snake swimming and tumble turns whilst chasing lanes under the ropes.

British Triathlon Skills School Wolverstone

Triathlon Practice

Time to put the skills together in a mini triathlon where the kids could choose the distances they wanted to do depending on how hard they wanted to push themselves and what elements they wanted to work on.

British Triathlon Skills School Wolverstone

Value For Money?

Session cost £20 this just about covers the costs of the facilities for the day. It is a lot more than the fee for Triathlon club (normally £5 per session). However there were a lot of coaches there all taking different sessions and working if different ways to usual.

Where Can You Book It?

You can find sessions in your region on the British Triathlon website and going forward it looks like they will trying to hold these sessions within a normal club session which may also reduce the cost.

There are several different Skills Schools taking place within a region over the course of the year. Each covers different elements so it is worth traveling to attend different ones.

Upcoming Skills Schools – Click Here for the latest list

Final Verdict

I enjoyed the Skills School and have already booked another one later this year focussed on open water swimming. There was something for kids of all abilities and everyone came away learn or improving on their skills.

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