Norwich Junior Triathlon

Norwich Junior Triathlon is run by Anglia Tri and held at the Hewitt school in Norwich.

Registration open at 9am which meant an 8am start for us. Norwich Junior Triathlon is held in south Norwich which make is pretty easy to get to from the A47. I signed on and got my number and wave details. I was in wave 12 with my two of my closest competition which I hope would help me go quicker.

Set Up

There was no racking in transition so it means you have to lay down your bike. This take up a bit more room but otherwise isn’t a problem. I laid out my towel, shoes and number belt in my usual way.

Transition setup at Norwich Triathlon


It was a 25 metre pool so this meant six lengths for me. It was a wave swim with 4 of us in my wave. Myself and my two main competition were neck and neck in the swim and we all got out on the water at the same time.

Transition 1

As we exited the pool we all ran in to transition together. I was a little slower in transition so I came out a couple of seconds behind the other two.

Ben Howlett Norwich triathlon bike


I bike was an out and back course of two laps. I pushed hard on the bike and managed to keep the gap even to the other two. I still need to work on the dead turns at each end as I could make up time there.

Transition 2

I came in to transition just behind the others and was swiftly out on the run.

Ben Howlett running Norwich triathlon


I still needed to do a lot of work on my run and I lost a minute on the other two over the two lap circular course.


I had made a big improvement since East Essex and had finished in 3rd place and picked up my first trophy. Whilst I was happy with the result I knew I still had work to do.

Ben Howlett medal & trophy Norwich Triathlon

Key information about Norwich Kids Triathlon

Event Organiser

Anglia Tri


Hewitt High School, Norwich


Entry off Hall road with plenty of parking on site

Toilets and changing facilities

Toilets were available inside the school


The was a hot food stand and ice creams.


Well organised and very helpful.


There is limited viewing of the swim but a full view of both the bike and run course.

Starting Order

A wave swim so we were grouped with other swims with similar times.


25 meter pool, swimming in wave format.

Bike Course

Out and back course, mostly flat on good quality short grass. A slight incline on the way out with dead turns at each end.

Run Course

A flat circular course of two 600m laps

The Bling

A nice medal and trophy.

Value For Money?


Final Verdict

A well organised event with a small number of entries available.

Event Website

Eastern Region Triathlon Event

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