The Rob McLean Cambridge Kids Triathlon

The Cambridge kids triathlon is also known as the Rob McLean triathlon and is held at Impington Sports Village.

It was an early start and we left home just after 6am as registration was opening at 7am. The event was split in two with tristart, tristar 1 and youths going in the morning. Tristar 2 and 3 were in the afternoon as the Cambridge kids triathlon as been choosen to be an IRC qualifying races.

Set Up

Registration was well organised and our packs contacting everything we needed. Race numbers were tattoos so these were applied with some water. Stickers for everything in included seat post, 3 for helmet and two for shoes.

Setting my bike in transition with my helmet and put my towel and shoes outside the pool exit. It was quite a long run to transition and on rough ground so the organisers advised putting shoe outside the pool.


I was second to go in the swim, unfortunately the boy in front had put the wrong swim time and was really slow. Over taking him on the second length but this held me up a little and I was caught by the boy behind. Coming out of the pool together with the boy behind and put my trainers on before running to transition.

Transition 1

Putting my helmet on and grab my bike running straight out. The other boy lost time in transition and I had soon pulled back my 20 second lead.


I worked hard on the bike for the two laps trying to keep the gap between myself and those behind. I lost about 5 seconds when I decided to look behind and another 5 through the a couple of tight turns. Overall I was pretty happy with my bike and was 5th fastest overall.

Transition 2

T2 was a bit of a mess putting my bike back on the rack. Rather than just push it in and hook it on I turned my bike round and reversed it in. Not very quick and lost me valuable time, I won’t be making that mistake again.


Exiting transition I knew I needed to run as fast as I could but my legs were already feeling tired. I got in to a rhythm but was caught on the first lap by Dylan and couldn’t’ hold on to him. I kept my pace for the two laps and finished 3rd place.


I am happy with my performance and although I’m not quickest at any one disipline I am constantly in the top 5 for the swim and bike. I still need to work on my run but it is getting better.

Key information about Cambridge Kids Triathlon

Event Organiser

Cambridge Triathlon Club


Impington Sports Village


Plenty of parking on site and well marshalled

Toilets and changing facilities

Both changing rooms and toilets were available


The club had put on drinks and hot food.


Well organised with race number tattoos and a sheet of stickers. Couldn’t have been any better.


There is limited viewing of the swim but a full view of both the bike and run course.

Starting Order

Although they did not show a break in starting times between girls & boys they did leave a suitable gap.


25 meter pool, swimming in a snake format.

Bike Course

Mostly flat on good quality short grass with a slight incline on one side. There was also a chicane at the end of each lap to slow bikes for marshals to count.

Run Course

A flat course of 600 meters with a turn point at 300 meters giving an out and back.

The Bling

A nice medal and trophy.

Value For Money?


Final Verdict

A well organised event that made good use of a nice venue. Apart from the early start I enjoyed everything about this event.

Event Website

Eastern Region Triathlon Event

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