Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Ben Howlett, a young and aspiring triathlete. I love all things sporty, especially swimming, cycling and running. I have been competing in these sports since 2016 and love them all. I always aspire to achieve highly in everything I do, whether that is sport related or not.

I’ve been swimming at Teamipswich since 2017. I have made great improvements over the years as well as making many good friends. I joined Ipswich Jaffa running club in 2017 and have had good support from the coaches there. After my time With Jaffa in 2021 I progressed on to Ipswich Harriers who are a more competitive club to progress in my running. In 2021 I was invited to become a member of the East Regional Academy. This enables me to train with other promising athletes from across the east  and race for my region at the national super series events.

How i got started

I starting swimming aged 4 and at the start of 2017 age 9 I joined Team Ipswich swim club. The professional coaching has improved my swimming and given me the opportunity to race at a regional level.

In October 2015 I went to my first Junior Parkrun. Running the first one I wasn’t that fast and by the end my legs were hurting. Next week I was back and each week after I worked on improving on my time my PB for the 2k. By the end of 2017 at 10 years old I had it down to 8 minutes 2 seconds (in 2021 i got my time to 7:01 aged 14. This is obviously a work in progress and I am always looking to get the best time I can.

In 2016 at age 9 I competed in my first triathlon at Hever Castle. Although I came off on the bike course I completed the race and finish in 148th place. The following year 2017 I competed East Region Junior Race Series. This is a series of kids triathlons across the east of England. I continue to race in this series every summer.

Over the winter of 2017/2018 I wanted to improve my cycling and took part in the Eastern Cross series. A series of 15 cyclocross races across the east of England this has helped to improve my skills and endurance on the bike.

I continue to participate in swimming, running, cycling and triathlon events throughout the year. I have made many good friends through sport and it has also given me the belief that with hard work anything is possible.

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