Remember How Far You’ve Come

After the first weekend at the 2019 Suffolk Counties Swimming Gala I felt that I hadn’t performed as well as I should have done. Yes I had some medals, PB’s and even regional times but I just didn’t feel I was where I should be. I was comparing myself to others racing in my age group and felt that my times should be as quick as theirs.

Dad picked up that I didn’t seem as happy with my results as he expected I would. He spoke to me about it and I told him I didn’t think I had raced as well as I could have. Dad reassured me about how well I had done and that I needed to remember how much I have improved over the last year. It was nice to hear Dad thought I had done well, but he’s my dad and although he’s always honest with me about my performance I still wasn’t convinced.

Dad didn’t push it but unknown to me he set about pulling together my swimming stats from the 2018 Suffolk Counties Gala and comparing them with this years results. He was soon able to show me that I had improved my swimming times more than anyone else in my age group. Not only that but I had actually become quicker than some in my age group.

At my age a year is a long time and its easy for me to forget how much I have improved. This is why it’s important to keep records of your results so that you can look back and see the improvement. This will also help me keep motivated when I am in a training block and keep me focussed on putting in a solid effort.

The biggest lesson I have learnt from this is not to compare myself to others but to my previous self prior to the hard work and training I have put in.

My new focus is to become the BEST I CAN BE